Generic Cialis

Generic Cialis is a drug that is designed to restore erectile function in representatives of a strong half of the population.

But what is the difference between generic and original? In fact, they have practically no differences, generic Cialis, which includes tadalafil, is much cheaper.

Generic Cialis is an analogue of the popular Cialis. But it has some differences from the original. Its action lasts a little longer, and the price is much less. The compositions of these drugs are the same, and the main active ingredient is tadalafil. The tool is designed to improve erection and combat early ejaculation. The effect of the generic can be observed within 1.5 days. This remedy is often used for erectile dysfunction, as it has shown good results. It is also recommended to use it when symptoms of impotence appear, a decrease in sexual desire.

The main component of this remedy is tadalafil with dapoxetine. This substance is able to slow down the process of ejaculation, so the duration of sexual intercourse increases. Generic Cialis - a complex drug Tadapox, contains Tadalafil and Dapoxetine. The composition of the product includes not only tadalafil, but also dapoxetine, which enhances the effect of the main substance and prolongs the erection. Tadapox allows you to strengthen and increase the time of erection, increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

To get the maximum result, it is worth engaging in regular use of the product for a couple of weeks. When the course is over, you will notice that early ejaculation has disappeared, and intimate life has noticeably improved. Sexual contact can increase by 2-3 times, which, for sure, will be appreciated by the partner.

A good erection that lasts a long time is due to the fact that blood flows to the penis. Tadalafil leads to muscle relaxation, blood saturation of the cavernous bodies.

It must be remembered that this remedy does not apply to pathogens. In order for it to begin to act, natural arousal is necessary.

Generic Cialis was created for people with erectile dysfunction or decreased libido. In the first case, a man has an incomplete and sluggish erection, while ejaculation occurs at the initial minute of sexual intercourse.

Often older men suffer from erectile dysfunction. But young guys can also face such a problem, which is provoked by stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits, etc. Generic Cialis restores sexual functions impaired due to various factors.

The generic should only be used once every 24 hours. The maximum amount you can use is Cialis 20mg. Doctors recommend initially starting with a small dosage. For this, 10 mg of the drug will be enough. If necessary, you can increase the amount of the drug. The same amount is prescribed for patients with chronic diseases. Older people should not consume more than 5 mg per day. Otherwise, you may worsen your condition.

Generic Cialis is a powerful tool that practically does not differ from the original. But the effect of it lasts longer, and the price is much lower. But before use, you must carefully read the instructions, take into account the advice of doctors.

Many drugs to increase potency can be purchased at pharmacies only by prescription. Online pharmacies in Canada sell Cialis, Viagra and Levitra without a prescription.